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NEW: Biogas Nets
Biogas is a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide which is produced by anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation. Green gas is produced by reprocessing of biogas to natural gas quality.

A biogas tank has a decent size and work safely on the tanks are large nets tense, so that accidents will be reduced to a minimum. Nets Factory de Noordzee is a leader in the market for these special nets. In each size available, of course.

Construction Nets
Nets that protect people on scaffolding work. But also as a safety net under projects or stairwells in stadiums. For additional safety.

Nets for the Zoo
At Ouwehand Zoo (and also in other zoos) they depend a lot on nets from Nets Factory de Noordzee. They are being used for cages, in the jungle and where the monkeys stay. They keep out birds and animals that live within. And of course you will see the monkeys scrambling and climbing in the strong climbing nets of Nets Factory de Noordzee.

Fruit Nets
Growers of fruit and vegetables use these nets on their fruit trees and sometimes even their whole orchard. It is incredibly useful, making sure that the harvest will not be eaten by birds. The nets are huge, firm, and can withstand heavy weather.

Climbing Nets
For playgrounds Nettenfabriek de Noordzee makes the most beautiful climbing nets and other play things. But also in many zoos include monkeys are happy with our nets. They can be remain undisturbed and lay in the sun and clim all of their energies away. This goes for children and monkeys, obviously.

Sporting Nets
Nets for an ordinary goal, for football, handball or waterpolo. But also tennis nets, volleyball nets or small pingpong neat. And fences, for example baseball behind the plate to be put down as ball catcher. For every sport where nets are needed, Nets Factory de Noordzee shows up and delivers excellent work.

Many more types of nets
Landing Nets, mussel nets and biogas systems to cover biogas tanks, making sure that no one falls. Fishnets are also present of course in any length and with different mesh. Safety nets, can catchers, scaffolding nets, sports nets or nets, whatever you are looking for. Nets Factory supplies you on time and custom made.